Digital Integrated Security Controls

About Us

DISC is a leading security company and integrator of electronic security surveillance systems since 1999. Our consultants and technicians are highly trained to confidently supply, install, commission, devices, maintain, and monitor the most up to date electronic security systems on the market today.

The range of equipment used on DISC installations is carefully selected to ensure flexibility, reliability and cost effectiveness.

Our integrated systems can connect to all international standard communication paths.

Systems can be installed utilising clients existing structured cabling networks, resulting in reduced disruption and speedier installation times. Criteria fundamental to the provision of electronic security management systems include:

Application Fit: Customers security systems requirements are dictated by their own specific working environment, with no two applications being identical. DISC responds to this situation by providing system solutions which address important and often unique customer requirements. In doing so systems are able to deliver optimum operational performance.

Flexibility: New electronic security and communications products are being introduced almost daily. Clients are given the option to integrate - both today and in the future - the equipment which best fits their specific needs.

Reliability: Systems are always a central element in applications and it is therefore essential that they are completely reliable in their operation. The selection of system architecture and hardware devices are conditioned by the need to provide superior levels of system resilience.